Deliciously Disabled – November 17th 2015

Deliciously Disabled is a movement that seeks to create and promote frank discussion about the lived experience of disability by making accessibility more accessible to pop culture. Co-founders Andrew and Stella created a media buzz during the Parapanam games, where they organized what the media labeled a ‘sex orgy’ for disabled people. They will be joining us on campus to speak about sexuality and disability, Deliciously Disabled Consulting, and their experiences organizing  an accessible sex-positive party for and by people with disabilities in Toronto.


Photo credit Johann Louw.

7:30 pm
Vari Hall 1156, York University
For questions contact
Light refreshments will be served

Andrew Morrison-Gurza is not only co-founder of Deliciously Disabled, but an avid advocate within the LGBTQ+ community and the host of his own Internet radio program. His written work has been highlighted in the Huffington Post, Out Magazine and Mashable (to name a few!)

Andrew works to deconstruct our homo-normative, body beautiful ideals and to show that Queers with Disabilities deserve representation. He has been invited to speak and guest lecture on this subject in various settings across North America.

Stella Palikarova, co-founder of Deliciously Disabled Consulting, is currently completing her Masters of Information at the University of Toronto. She has a background in Film and Psychology from York University (2007), having graduated summa cum laude.

Her academic interests have always related to the intersecting experiences of disability: from her undergraduate thesis on the dating experiences of adolescent girls with congenital, physical disabilities, to her current Master’s thesis work on the ethical implications of cybernetic implants for people with disabilities. She is a frequent international guest speaker on subjects relating to disability, and continues to practice film-making and creative writing.

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Delciously Disabled
November 17 2015 at 7:30 pm
Vari Hall 1156
York University
For questions contact
Light refreshments will be served