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Below you will find relevant news and events related to CDSSA and in the community. If there are news or events that you would like to share, please email information to All relevant news/events will be approved.


January 2019:

We are excited to announce that the CDSSA 2019 conference will take place on Saturday April 27, 2019 at York University Keele Campus. We invite abstracts and artwork that address this year’s conference theme, Bridging Narratives. For details please see the Conference page, or follow this link:

September 2018:

This year’s Toronto Disability Pride March (TDPM) took place on September 22, 2018. Visit the TDPM website to read about the event and the speakers.

January 2018: 

The Call is out. Please go to the Conference 2018 tab or follow this link:

November 2017:

Planning for the 12th annual CDSSA conference is underway. Call for abstracts is forthcoming.

October 2017:

Elections have been held and positions have been filled.

September 2017:

First meeting/elections will be held September 26th at 2:30pm in HNES 010.

June, 2016:

New Zine! BAD SCIENCE: CDSSA Rep Aliya Esmail would like to introduce you to  a new zine: “bad science is a radical, feminist, anti-capitalist, anti-colonial zine. & we’re a group of (medical, public health, humanities) students who believe in something other, and more, than what the constructs of science & medicine have offered up to us. we’re keen on building a community that shares our vision of new, creative futures.” View their call for submissions here

January, 2016:

Recent human rights initiative by Navi Dhanota, doctoral student in Critical Disability Studies, results in fewer barriers for students hoping to access counselling and disability services at York.

Read the full story here:

and here:

Navi’s interview on CBC’s As it Happens: