Access Centre, a YFS Community Service Group

The Access Centre strives to identify and take action around issues of concern
for students with mental, learning and physical disabilities by providing
advocacy, services, social networks, resources and a safe space.

Our office is located in Room 429 of the Student Centre (Map)

The building and the room are wheelchair accessible.

There’s also an accessible and gender neutral washroom meters away from the

Monday 10:00 – 11:30 and 2:30-6:00
Tuesday 10:00-6:00
Wednesday 10:00-6:00
Thursday 10:00-2:30

For general questions, volunteering opportunities and to send us pictures of
adorable kittens please emails us at :

Additionally you can directly email the coordinators:






5 thoughts on “Access Centre, a YFS Community Service Group

  1. Dear Friends and Allies:

    Several recent news stories have raised issues involving disability and reproductive decision-making in a rather negative way. A small group of us, who identify with both the reproductive rights and the disability rights movements, have drafted the attached statement in response to these developments. It is a brief statement that we hope will inject a different perspective into the conversation. While we were inspired by two recent news events, we also felt that this was an opportunity to re-affirm a reproductive rights/disability rights alliance so that each movement is not used to undermine the other.

    Please read the statement, and if you agree and want to be associated with it please go to to sign on to the statement. Most people are currently signed on as individuals. You are welcome to sign-on as an individual, or if your organization is ready to support this position, as an organization.

    Here are a few links to provide you with some background information:

    Our short statement does not attempt to unpack all the issues involved in these stories. The essence of the statement can be found in the second to the last paragraph:

    “… we hold both disability rights and reproductive rights together, refusing arguments for women’s reproductive autonomy that deny disability rights, and refusing arguments for the human rights of people with disabilities that deny the right of women and families to make the best reproductive decisions for themselves.”

    In addition, if you are interested in posting this statement on your website, linking to the statement, or have any suggestions for publicizing it, please let me know.

    Thank you.

    Sujatha Jesudason, PhD
    Executive Director
    Generations Ahead
    405 14th Street, Suite 605
    Oakland, CA 94612

    510-832-0852 x 301
    510-326-0041 cell

  2. The Social Issues Commission (SIC) has created a new magazine that will address misrepresentations of ability through various forms of visual and written art.

    Able will be added to SIC’s four existing annual publications, The Feminist Review, Outwrite, Headsup and cultureSHOCK. All publications address issues concerning marginalized issues through a magazine format.

    “Able’s mandate is to demonstrate the intersections between abilities and other types of identities and marginalization,” she said. “We want to make the university aware of the systematic problems that exist.”

    Able will be published in March 2011 along with the SIC’s other publications.

    October 27, 28, 29 2011
    Thursday, October 27

    10 a.m. The Craft Studio,
    Day Break, L’ARCHE,
    Richmond Hill
    Debbie Dew
    Presentation on The Craft Studio with Q.& A.

    11 a.m. Denise Reid, PhD.
    Professor, Dept. of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy
    University of Toronto
    Research Project at the Creative Spirit Art Centre

    12 p.m. Lunch

    1:30 p.m. Bunny Brown and Michael D’Amico
    Performance followed by Q.&A.

    Friday, October 28

    10 a.m. Very Special Arts
    “VSA arts 2004 International VSA arts Festival HIGHLIGHTS”
    “VSA 2010 International VSA Festival Highlights”
    “Straight From the Heart” Creative Spirit Art Centre

    12 noon Lunch

    1:30 p.m.

    Humber College Film Studies,
    “Behind The Primary Colours”

    Anne-Marie Rocher’s “Gugging”,
    on the famous Artists’ House in Austria.

    Saturday, October 29

    1 p.m. Alain Shain
    2 p.m. The Propeller Dance Company

    Exhibition Oct. 8 – 29
    “Dreams” exhibition of art by artists with disabilities
    Gabe Anderson, Meiko Ando, Gilles Arseneault, Gus Bawab, Joe Dufy, Kristine Erglis,
    Marc La bonte, Catherine Little, Jai Wax, Barry Woo, Vitali Zelinski
    Reception for art exhibition, 2- 5 p.m. Sat. Oct. 8

    Creative Spirit Festival and Conference Oct. 27, 28, 29.
    Creative Spirit Art Centre’s festival, exhibition and conference will
    present the issues of development in the world of Art and Disabilities.
    This will be a prelude to our April/ May 20 year Retrospective/Celebration of our
    pioneer journey as a public art gallery and studio with a focus on Universal
    Access to visual and media arts and integration into the Fine Arts
    Community, the academic community and individual artist members.

    Please note, limited seating capacity.
    Please contact Ellen Anderson to register:
    Ellen Anderson
    Executive Director

    Creative Spirit Art Centre
    999 Dovercourt Road
    Toronto, ON
    M6H 2X7
    t. 416.588.8801
    f. 416.588.8966

  4. The full schedule for DisOrientation can be found
    on the OPIRG website or facebook page; there’s a radical walking tour
    sceduled for thursday the 22nd as well as the following movie (copy pasted from

    “Freedom Tour Movie Screening”
    3:30pm – 4:30pm
    Student Centre RM 307
    Film Screening and discussion facilitated by: DAMN

    Freedom Tour was created by People First of Canada and the NFB. The documentary
    was created when the government of Manitoba announced $40 Million to remake the
    Manitoba Development Centre – The largest institution in Manitoba for people who
    have been labeled as disabled. The film documents their journey across the
    Prairie Provinces to contact survivors of the institution and to allow them to
    tell their stories of life in the institution through their stories, pictures
    and video. After the screening there will be a facilitated discussion to talk
    about the history of disabled institutionalization in Canada.

  5. The New College Disability Studies Speaker Series, in partnership with York University’s School of Social Work



    A series of talks in celebration of the launch of Disability Incarcerated: Imprisonment and Disability in the United States and Canada (2014, Palgrave MacMillan).
    Featuring talks by the book’s co-editors Liat Ben-Moshe (University of Toledo), Allison Carey (Shippensburg University) and Chris Chapman (York University) followed by a round table discussion with local contributors.
    ASL provided Wheelchair accessible venue
    New College Principal’s Initiative Fund Equity Studies Program
    For accessibility or additional information please contact
    Books will be available for purchase at the event.

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