Preliminary Program

10th Annual CDSSA Conference

Disability and Intersectionality:

Practices, Theories, and Frameworks

Saturday, September 26th 2015

Attendees: Please send any accommodation requests to

Please note that there is no registration fee for this event.

All scheduled panels and presentations will take place in Room 140, HNES Building. *This is a scent-free venue*

8:50-9:00 Coffee, Tea, and Snacks 

9:00-9:05 Introductory Remarks by Cameron Crawford

9:05-10:10 PANEL 1: Bodies and Sexualities that Matter 

(Chaired by Judy Verseghy)

  1. Bridget Liang “Valued Bodies: A Performance Art Piece”
  2. Margaret Campbell “Sexuality For Every-Body”
  3. Tim and Natalie Rose, The Rose Centre for Love, Sex, and Disability, “Disability and Relationships: The Positive Side”


10:10-10:30     BREAK in FES Lounge
10:30-11:40 PANEL 2: Material Connections and Disability Oppressions

(Chaired by Douglas Waxman)

  1. Mary Fantaske “The Importance of Walking on Two Legs: Where Ableism and Speciesism “Meat”
  2. Cam Crawford, “Untangling the knot: Explaining and predicting decent new work amongst people with disabilities”
  3. Yvonne Simpson “Sustaining the Undue Hardship: Acquired Workplace Disability Among Immigrant Workers and the Intersection of Immigration and WSIB Policies”


11:40-12:30      LUNCH in FES Lounge

** 12:00 -12:30    CDSSA Elections in Room 141 **
12:30-2:00 Keynote Presentation: Dr Nirmala Erevelles 

"Epidemics of Violence/Violent Epidemics: 
Crippin’ Care in Transnational Contexts"
           Moderated by Dr Rachel Gorman 


2:00-2:20         BREAK in FES Lounge
2:20-3:30         PANEL 3: Intersections in Local Lives 

(Chaired by Stef Mendolia)

  1. Patricia Kerians “Moral Right vs. Financial Gain: Putting Toronto’s Taxi Review into Perspective”
  2. Kevin Jackson “The Nightwatch” Video performance
  3. Russell Rozinskis “The Hot Air Balloon in my Head”


3:30-3:50         BREAK in FES Lounge
3:50-5:00         PANEL 4: The Politics of (In)Visibility

(Chaired by Tanya Son)

  1. Cara Goldberg “A Disabled Framework? Re-‘Re-Thinking Intersectionality’”
  2. Estee Klar “Autism as a Co-production in the Film Wretches & Jabberers”
  3. Hilda Smith “Intersecting Personal History: Disability, Class and Invisible Disabilities”


Closing Remarks 


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