Keynote Speaker: Dr. Tanya Titchkosky

Keynote Lecture: Queer’n and Crip’n Disabling Imaginaries – Lessons from Blackness Studies


Dr. Tanya Titchkosky is Professor in Social Justice Education at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), University of Toronto.

Dr. Titchkosky works in the area of Disability Studies – informed by cultural studies, interpretive sociology influenced by phenomenology and feminist and queer philosophy as well as critical race/Blackness studies. One of her current projects, Disability & the Human Imaginary: Remaking the Stories That We Are, aims to examine the interpretive grounds of current conceptions of human as found with disability and other political and philosophical narratives.



Her most recent publications include “Life with Dead Metaphors: Impairment Rhetoric in Social Justice Praxis,” in the Journal of Literary & Cultural Disability Studies, 9.1 (2015), and “WHO’s MIND, Whose Future?: Mental Health Projects as Colonial Logics,” with Dr Katie Aubrecht in Social Identities: Journal for the Study of Race, Nation, and Culture (2015).

In 2011 she published her fourth full-length book, The Question of Access: Disability, Space, Meaning (Toronto: University of Toronto Press).

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