Huronia Speakers Bureau -Survivors from the former Huronia Regional Centre

The Huronia Survivors Speakers Bureau consists of persons who were once residents at the Huronia Regional Centre in Orillia Ontario. The Bureau represents a wide array of personal experience and expertise on institutionalization.

The Huronia Speakers Bureau is an outreach activity that is part of the Recounting Huronia: A Participatory Arts-Based Research Project.

It engages former residents in a story-telling process that helps to communicate the historical injustices experienced at the Huronia Regional Centre.

Survivors involved in Recounting Huronia have expressed a strong need to express their lived experience publicly to a variety of audiences, leading to the establishment of the Bureau.

Working in tandem with allies, and in some cases undertaking public speaking training, survivors have developed their own sets of stories and analyses of injustice that make up the body of their speeches and remarks accessible to a range of audiences.

Former residents express how sharing their experiences of institutionalization helps them move beyond difficult memories as well as providing them with satisfaction around knowing that they are key players in ending inappropriate forms of institutionalization.”

Who can benefit from hearing our speakers share their truths?

Academic Institutions with researchers or students interested in disability and incarceration but confronting the paucity of material available on the subject.

Organizations Connected to Caregivers and service providers who support institutional survivors but find publicly accessible information regarding legacies of institutionalization limited?

Community Networks that include institutional survivors looking to articulate their own experiences, pursue legal action, or facilitate personal and community healing?

Please feel free to contact us to discuss whether your group or organization might benefit  from hearing our speakers share their truths.