Conference 2018


Critical Disability Studies Student Association (CDSSA) Invitation for Abstract and Film Submissions for the 12th Annual CDSSA Conference: Disruption

Conference Date: April 28th, 2018
Location: York University, Keele campus, Toronto, ON
Deadline for abstract & film submissions: February 15th, 2018

But the challenge – to rethink disability and impairment in order to disrupt how both are
normatively constituted – is well within our movement’s politic.” – Eliza Chandler

York University’s Critical Disability Studies Student Association is pleased to present our 12th annual conference, this year entitled Disruption, at our Keele Campus on April 28th2018.

Following our theme of “disruption,” we invite works that push against a variety of normative hegemonies that relegate disability to the margins. We welcome submissions both from people who do and do not identify as disabled, mad, and/or D/deaf, and in particular from those who aim to disrupt disciplinary norms of Critical Disability Studies itself. Possible topics include but are not limited to:
• Disability as political, embodied, and/or normative disruption
• Enacting disability as disruption
• Disrupting white, Western, heteronormative, and other Critical Disability Studies norms
• Disrupting traditional stories and narratives of disability (e.g. the medical model)
• Disrupting traditional self-narratives and others’ expectations of disabled people

Abstract Submissions: We request that interested applicants submit paper abstracts to by February 15th, 2018.

Presentation abstracts should be 200-250 words in length and sent as Microsoft Word or PDF attachments. Please do not include your name within the PDF or Microsoft Word file. Your name, the name of the abstract, and preferred presentation method (e.g. oral presentation, poster presentation, or film) should be included within the body text of your e-mail. The inclusion of your institutional affiliation, program, and degree information is optional. We are accepting only one entry per person or group.

Film Submissions: We request that interested applicants submit film links to by February 15th, 2018.

The digital file should be at 1920 x 1080 resolution (shorthand 1080p) and in .mov or Mp4 format. Films should be no longer than 15 minutes (but exceptions can be made) and must be open or closed captioned. Submissions should include a YouTube or Vimeo link with a password and downloadable option, or Dropbox attachment, as well as a brief synopsis and screening history. All materials including sound tracks are the responsibility of the artist regarding appropriate licensing. It is the sole responsibility of the applicant to secure clearance from all copyright holders of materials in the submitted film. York University will not be held responsible for the unauthorized inclusion of copyright materials within or relating to the submitted film. York University reserves the right to disqualify any film with unauthorized copyrighted materials. We are accepting only one entry per person or group.

Please email us if you have any questions at