Clear Language Writing Workshop – January 25th 2016

Monday January 25th

1pm to 3pm

Vari 1156

Hosted by Hilda Smith

*light refreshments will be served*

Please RSVP to

How do we make sure that others understand the documents we write?

Are your documents designed to be easy to read for people whose second language is English, who have low literacy, or who have cognitive disabilities? Tools like clear language writing and accessible documents can help you reach a wider audience and ensure people understand your point.  Even if you know these skills how do you know which tool best suits you and your audience?

This workshop aims to build confidence and skills in using two accessible information tools.  These tools are:

  • Clear Language: Helps writers think about the literacy level of their document.  It ensures that a document stays within a set literacy level, making the documents easier to read and understand for a wider audience.
  • Accessible Documents: Using a mix of visuals and text to share information across cultural, language, and cognitive differences.  The mixed use of visuals and text helps a writer reach audiences that have difficulties understanding written documents.

The strengths and weaknesses of these tools will be discussed.  Activities will reinforce what people have learned, while building skills with these specific accessibility tools.  Once each tool has been explored an activity will assist people to know when to use what accessibility tools.

Clear Language Writing Workshop. January 25th at 1pm

Caption: Header features a metallic relief of a city.

Caption: A yellow and purple poster with the following text,

CDSSA presents Clear Language Writing Workshop

How do we make sure that others understand the documents we write?

Facilitated by Hilda Smith

Monday January 25th, 1-3pm

Vari Hall 1156


Light Refreshments will be served

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