The CDSSA is an organization composed of students in the Critical Disability Studies (CDIS) program. Our aim is to create spaces where disability researchers, artists, and activists can connect, collaborate, and share their knowledge.

The Executive Committee is composed entirely of MA and PHD students who volunteer their time to coordinate events for the student body, such as conferences, academic and social events; advocate on accessibility issues at York University; and encourage communication between the CDIS student body, CDIS faculty and the broader York community.  We have representation in all political bodies affiliated with York Graduate communities, such as the Graduate Student Association, Faculty of Graduate Studies, the Critical Disability Studies department, and CUPE 3903.

Our executive mandate emphasizes:

1)   Facilitating opportunities for students to share their work and connect with other students, activists, and educators within the wider disability and social justice community

2)   Creating inclusive, anti-oppressive and accessible spaces to support and promote disability positive events

3)   Representing and Advocating on behalf of CDIS students at York University and in the Greater Toronto Area.



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