CDD Journal

 Critical Disability Discourses / Discours critiques dans le champ du handicap

York University’s Critical Disability Studies Graduate Program (CDIS) is responsible for an annual graduate student journal, Critical Disability Discourses (CDD) /Discours critiques dans le champ du handicap (DCCH).

CDD is a bilingual, interdisciplinary journal, publishing articles and artwork that focus on experiences of disability. The journal’s review board consists of over 30 students and faculty members from York University, the University of Toronto, Laval University, McMaster University, and the University of Cambridge.  Our publication ratio is typically 16-25%.

CDD was conceived by, and is managed by, graduate students. Our objective is to create an academic space where emerging scholars and artists might make valuable contributions to the field of Critical Disability Studies. This publication is meant to facilitate an academic community and to provide opportunities for new researchers.

Published material has in common a dedication to non-discrimination and social justice. It is the intention of CDD to bring disability-related issues to mainstream scholastic conversations by promoting and publishing arguments that critically assess disabling social conditions. Discourses about disability are generally overlooked in mainstream academic circles; without theoretical backing, it is difficult to effect social change. For CDD’s editorial team, the journal serves as part of a greater effort to bring disability to the table and to redress physical and attitudinal discrimination.

Our seventh volume was published in 2016 and Volume 8 is currently underway.

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