Conference 2016

*Please note that this is a scent-free event*
Our event space is wheelchair accessible, and located near several accessible and gender-neutral washrooms.
All lectures will be captioned in live-time, using CART services.



CDSSA 2016 Conference Poster




Caption: The top of this page features a photograph of Dr Nirmala Erevelles delivering her keynote address during the 10th Annual Conference.

Below this is a poster with white, black and red text and black abstract triangles.

The text reads, 11th Annual CDSSA Conference, Crippin’ Canada
Keynote Lecture by Dr Tanya Titchkosky

April 8 2016, 10am-5pm, HNES Main Floor

Accommodation Requests to

The following sponsors’ logos are displayed at the bottom of the poster, from left to right: Centre for Human Rights/Centre des droits de la personne, MA & PhD Program in Critical Disability Studies, York University.