Deliciously Disabled

​​​ “I started the Deliciously Disabled campaign in an effort to provide a new model to discuss the lived experience of Persons with Disabilities.  Currently, the language we use to categorize PwD is in my view, outdated and only focuses on the difficulties in difference.   Deliciously Disabled offers a new language to describe disability that embraces disability not for what it could or should be, but for all that it is. The Deliciously Disabled movement allows for us to create conversations around disability that are based in positivity, and that both Persons with Disabilities and non-disabled individuals can use when discussing disability. Deliciously Disabled helps everyone access disability.

It is my hope that through Deliciously Disabled we can move disability into popular culture in a positive, fun, and sexy way. Being disabled is not a choice but being Deliciously Disabled is!

Join the movement on social media as a #DeliciouslyDisabled individual yourself or a #DeliciouslyDisabledAlly, and let’s start a delectable discussion about disability.”