The CDSSA is an organization composed of students in the Critical Disability Studies (CDIS) program. Our aim is to create spaces where disability researchers, artists, and activists can connect, collaborate, and share their knowledge.

The Executive Committee is composed entirely of MA and PHD students who volunteer their time to coordinate events for the student body, such as conferences, academic and social events; advocate on accessibility issues at York University; and encourage communication between the CDIS student body, CDIS faculty and the broader York community.  We have representation in all political bodies affiliated with York Graduate communities, such as the Graduate Student Association, Faculty of Graduate Studies, the Critical Disability Studies department, and CUPE 3903.

Our executive mandate emphasizes:

1)   Facilitating opportunities for students to share their work and connect with other students, activists, and educators within the wider disability and social justice community

2)   Creating inclusive, anti-oppressive and accessible spaces to support and promote disability positive events

3)   Representing and Advocating on behalf of CDIS students at York University and in the Greater Toronto Area.



The CDSSA is open to all registered full-time and part-time students at York University.

Voting Privileges

Full-time and part-time graduate students of the CDIS Graduate Program are automatically members of the CDSSA, and as such are entitled to attend all CDSSA meetings and to exercise voting privileges.

Meetings of the General Membership

Meetings are project-specific (such as a workshop event or conference), and take place monthly on average.  Meetings tend to take place in the CDIS Lounge or the CDSSA Office (HNES 010).  Project members communicate by Skype and email when it is not possible for all or some members to meet.


Executive Committee

Composition of the Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the CDSSA is non-hierarchically arranged.  There are members responsible for overseeing projects and representing the CDSSA on York political bodies.  See Page marked Exec Roles for further details about positions, and Page marked Exec Members for students elected into these Executive positions.

Duties of the Executive Committee

Executive Committee members are responsible for ensuring that 1) CDSSA projects come into fruition, and 2) CDS students’ interests are represented on political bodies at York University.  Project committees are democratically arranged, as is the Executive Committee, ensuring that no one member asserts power over another position or individual.

Election of Executive Members

1)      The election of the members of the Executive Committee set down in Article I above shall take place during the month of October each year.

2)      The dates for nominations period, campaigns period, and voting shall be specified by full members during a general meeting or by email communication.

3)      Only full members of the association are eligible to run and vote in elections.

4)      Voting for Executive Committee members will take place during a general meeting or online.  Whenever possible, decisions will be determined by consensus.  If two people are interested in the same position, we leave room for the possibility that projects may be overseen by co-organizers working together.  When this is not possible, elections will be carried out according to Roberts Rules of voting, subject to flexibility in order to accommodate voters: “show of hands”, “yeas or nays”, by ballot.

5)      When only one person is interested in a position, they will be acclaimed.


Expiration of Term

The appointment of each person elected as an Executive Committee member will be from October to September.

Meetings of the Executive

Meetings take place monthly on average.  Meetings tend to take place in the CDSSA Lounge (HNES 010) or the CDIS designated classroom (Vari Hall 1156).  Members communicate by email when it is not possible for all or some members to meet.



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